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"After having completed the series with Darrell, I had the distinct sense that my body was made to move. It felt like I had rediscovered sacred space in my body, and that the way to make use of it was to open outward into movement. I experienced less discomfort in my neck and back than before, however the real benefit was in having a new sense of connection with my body and the desire to experience to the fullest the joy of movement through dance, yoga, capoeira, and more."

            - Emilie, Boulder

"After a serious car accident, [working] with Darrell Sanchez was a significant factor in my recovery. His support and expertise allowed me to move forward from a fearful and wounded place into health and centered happiness."

            - Heidi, Boulder

"Oh my goodness, I can walk (and dance) beautifully again - I feel so grounded and confident that I have much better balance, and hopefully will never fall again (after two accidents and surgeries)! It was an added dimension that Darrell took into consideration past traumas (physical and emotional) in his Rolfing technique and overall approach to healing. Thank you, Darrell!"

            - Cynthia, Boulder

"Darrell made me aware of issues affecting my body that I didn't realize were there. But, what a difference when they were addressed. Darrell brings years of experience to his work and is quickly and effectively able to get to the source of the issues affecting your body. Working with Darrell was a pleasure, and I felt I had successful lasting results. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a partner in overall body health."

            - Betzi, Boulder

"Darrell is very experienced and precise in his work. His work on me after an accident where I was tripped and knocked down immediately alleviated a traumatic injury that otherwise would probably have kept my body out of whack for quite sometime."

            - Dominique, Boulder

"Darrell's ability to focus on the areas in greatest need of structural integration is amazing. Rolfing from Darrell has improved my energy and reduced pain from overuse injuries."

            - Lee, Boulder

Certified Advanced Rolfer Darrell Sanchez' Rolfing structural integration practice is located in Boulder and Denver, Colorado.
Boulder is a world center for Rolfing SI and the home of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration ®.