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The Original Tuning BoardTM
Used in Somatic Therapy

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Das Original-Tuning BoardTM
in der somatischen Therapie

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“[Dr. Stone’s] basic thesis is simple. Life energy must flow through the body in a smooth uninterrupted way to maintain optimal health. When the ebb and flow of this life energy becomes blocked or interrupted, the balance of life is disturbed and something must be done to reestablish that balance and the continuity of the free flow of life energy.”

              -Ray Castellino, DC, RPP

Trauma and Physical Fixations

Health is characterized by centeredness, balance, connectedness, and movement. Experiences of traumatic overwhelm often result in functional and/or structural fixations that hinder the expression of health. These fixations and restrictive patterns, while they may be visible and accessible in the body, extend as well to the other channels of expression of the whole human being, including cognitions, emotions and behavior. The physical fixations might therefore be said to contain information which has the potential to manifest in any of these other channels.

Using the Tuning Board to Reveal Fixations and Work with the Associated Information

We work in gravity with the tuning board to introduce movement at very deep levels in order to reveal and work with these blockages and their associated information. When movement is introduced into a fixation, the information held there may be released and brought to our awareness, and so becomes available for transformation. We then engage with the information that is revealed, a process which leads to transformation in the direction of health.

The Tuning Board is a psychokinesthetic tool which can be used by therapists to:

  • Reveal traumatic fixations through movement;
  • Invite fuller embodiment and kinesthetic awareness in their clients;
  • Access the whole person through engagement with information held in postures and movement patterns;
  • Restore a client’s ability to use their own body as a primary resource;
  • Restore the flow of movement and energy, including spinal motility in its expression as a wave-like motion;
  • Invite authentic movement and archetypal expression in order to release obstructions.
  • Help clients become more flexible and resilient;
  • Help clients to cope better with stress and uncertainty;
  • Encourage creativity and increase confidence through the somatic integration of stability and movement, tension and release, discomfort and flow;
  • Improve the ability of clients to self-calm when anxious.

  • For more on the Tuning Board’s use as a psychokinesthetic tool for therapists, visit www.tuningboard.org .

    For journal articles and other publications about the Tuning Board, visit www.tuningboard.org/Articles .

    For information on upcoming trainings, visit www.tuningboard.org/TuningBoardSomaticTherapyTraining.

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    Certified Advanced Rolfer Darrell Sanchez' Rolfing structural integration practice is located in Boulder and Denver, Colorado.
    Boulder is a world center for Rolfing SI and the home of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration ®.