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Does Rolfing®
Structural Integration Last?
Often people invest in a Rolfing SI series because they sense that their body is evolving in a direction they don't like. The Rolfing SI process helps them to turn the corner and begin heading in a new, more comfortable and functional direction.

A key emphasis in my work with clients is empowering them to confidently continue in the new direction which the Rolfing SI has opened up for their bodies. Some of this is inherent in the increased body awareness which often accompanies Rolfing SI, leading to insight and motivation about options that will contribute to continued long-term change in a positive direction. In addition, I invite my clients to re-examine their lifestyles. The effects of the Rolfing SI can be life-changing; the degree to which you keep or expand on them is in large part up to you.

Following are some general ideas which will help you to get the most out of your Rolfing SI experience, both during and afterwards.

General Health & Nutrition

Healthy connective tissue responds better to Rolfing SI and has greater adaptability for responding appropriately to what life presents. A good diet, adequate exercise and rest, and attention to your general state of health will all contribute to the health of your tissues and your body's ability to optimally use the Rolfing SI experience.

Physical and Movement Practices

The Rolfing SI series should have increased your body's potential for movement expression and exploration. This new-found space, openness and flow can be maintained and enhanced through a number of physical practices, including aerobic and breathing exercises, stretching, core strengthening, and dance or other pleasurable or creative movement activities. Ask me for suggestions regarding what would be particularly appropriate for you!

A Conscious Relationship with Your Environment

How you relate to your environment will make a huge difference in your ability to keep moving in the new direction. Take a fresh look at how you work, play, drive, use the computer, connect to the ground, sleep. Is it time for some better shoes, a new work chair, or a different pillow? Listen to what your body is telling you, and take some measures (perhaps literally!) to be sure you're treating your body right.

Healthy Relationships

Healthy, rewarding relationships help to reduce stress and to create an environment where we are freer to explore, to open up physically and emotionally, and to become who we want to be. Are you deeply satisfied with your current relationships, or is this an area where additional support could enhance your experience of life?

A Positive Work Environment

Does your work enhance or detract from what you feel you gained from the basic series? How could your work life be altered so that it taps into and contributes to the transformation that you have experienced or would like to experience?

Enjoyable Leisure Time

What do you do for fun? Do you make enough time for simple pleasures? Do you have hobbies which solicit your creative impulses, which connect you with others or with nature, or which are deeply relaxing or energizing? Each of us must find our own unique way to recharge and refresh our body-beings in a way that fulfills us on many levels.

Perceptual and Psychological Exploration

Patterns of physical tension may be related to past experiences of stress or trauma, or to anxiety about current or future circumstances or events. There are many ways to give yourself new options in how you perceive, move through, and experience psychological challenges in your body. These include psychological discovery as well as movement and pattern explorations. You can use the momentum from the series to continue to open up new vistas, not just for your structure but for the whole you!

A Balanced Life

Your Rolfing SI experience has left your body more balanced. Take the time to invite greater balance into the rest of your life as well. What is your plan for enhancing the transformation you've experienced? Feel free to contact me for questions or specific resources relating to all of these suggestions.

Future Rolfing SI and Other Options

More Rolfing SI can also be useful in maintaining or moving forward in the positive direction begun with the basic series, whether through tune-ups, or as part of a strategy for instigating further transformation through an advanced series. I also collaborate with clients to invite creative change through other modalities, including movement and perception explorations, psychological work, relationship work, personal growth counseling, spiritual exploration, and trauma transformation.

Certified Advanced Rolfer Darrell Sanchez' Rolfing structural integration practice is located in Boulder and Denver, Colorado.
Boulder is a world center for Rolfing SI and the home of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration ®.